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18 Free 2D Animation Software for Online Teaching

by MarketBillion
18 Free 2D Animation Software for Online Teaching

Today, a far wider range of educational resources are available than just textbooks and documents. Thanks to the growth of technology, people have access to resources such as music, games, and animations. 

For online educators, animation movies are the most efficient and effective way to convey their lessons and demonstrate a practical demonstration. It has the huge potential to change the way people learn through visual demonstrations that include fun, engaging, and motivational sounds and images. It could lead to much better learning outcomes.

Whether you want to create simple instructional videos or complete animation masterpieces, I’ve got you covered. Here is a selection of free animation tools for creating interactive videos quickly and with minimal effort.

Let’s get started!

  1. Doratoon

Doratoon is the most dependable and professional animation software available. You can easily create a wide range of animated videos using this platform’s premade templates and user-friendly interface.

The convenience of generating animated characters with Doratoon makes it a competent cartoon creator. These features inspire creativity by providing the tools necessary to animate creatures to perfection. For designing characters, users do not require expertise in the dynamics of keyframing and transitions.


Why is Doratoon the Best 2D Animation Software for Online Educators to Use?

Users can produce engaging 2D animation videos with unique characters thanks to the cutting-edge capabilities of the Doratoon cartoon maker, which include:

Animated Characters

In an animated video, use your characters’ facial expressions and body language to convey the most important points throughout your lecture.

Path Visualization

The Path animation feature adds liveliness to the animated video by allowing your character to wander around the frame. It will aid your learners’ understanding of the subject.

AI Drawing and Whiteboard

Effortlessly draw any image or shape to perfection using AI Drawing. With Doratoon’s artificial intelligence, the tool will suggest the shape you are attempting to design. Using whiteboard animation helps students better grasp and retain information during the narration.

AI Dubbing

Using the built-in AI tool, you can transform the text into speech for the animated characters in your video.

Extensive Templates

Thanks to the pre-made templates and props it provides, Doratoon’s platform is a safe bet for novices and non-professionals alike. The templates cover a wide range of 2D animation needs for educators, such as an online course, tutorials, lecture summaries, an onboarding guide, a health and safety guide, and more.

Extensive Templates

How to Make a 2D Animation with Doratoon for Free?

Step 1:  Visit the official Doratoon website and sign up. Click “Create New Video” to start or select one of the pre-made templates to make an animated video.

Step 2: Easily import, edit, and trim the scenes or templates. After adding the textbox, characters, and props, you can preview the animated video.

Step 3: Proceed to name your animated video and click “Export” to save it as an MP4 or PPT file download and share it with your students.

Create your free 2D animation with Doratoon by clicking here.

  1.  Animaker

Another animation developer that simplifies the process of animating thanks to a drag-and-drop function is called Animaker. With its robust character creator, you can create millions of free characters and animations like those of a studio for teaching purposes. Its custom character builders’ fantastic technique allows you to streamline animation and bring characters to life. Around 200 voices and costumes are included in the tool, giving it a wide range of expressions and facial traits.

  1. GoAnimate(Vyond)

GoAnimate was recently renamed Vyond. Classroom learning is made more fun with this app’s eye-catching animated tutorials. There is no need for a narrator because it is built into the software. The tools automatically sync the character’s voice whenever the user enters the appropriate text. Hundreds of colors and styles are available for character customization.

  1. Renderforest

This free animation software can easily make a very impressive animated video. It is suitable for both novices and experts. If you want to dazzle your audience with a high-quality animated video, this software can help you achieve that goal. There are many professional animated video templates on Renderforest. Also, adding sound to your animation is easy.

  1. VideoScribe 

Fourth on the list is VideoScribe, a remarkable software that creates whiteboard animated videos for educational purposes. It’s cleaner than traditional animation, where narrators videotape themselves drawing. Fonts, photos, canvas, drawing techniques, and music tracks can be customized to your heart’s desire. Additionally, it allows users to upload and export to PowerPoint effortlessly.

  1. Powtoon

There’s also Powtoon, free animation software you can use to create interactive 2D animated online teaching videos. You can use one of Powtoon’s video templates and tweak them to your professional standards. And they have a template for nearly every event in life, including marketing, sales, virtual events, and development. If you cannot capture your students’ interest, try Powtoon to engage them.

  1. Synfig Studio

Free 2D animation software, Synfig Studio, is powerfully designed for creating video-quality animation using vector and bitmap artwork. You don’t need to create a frame-by-frame animation with Synfig Studio. With less manpower and resources, you can easily create animation for educational purposes with the Synfig Studio software.

  1. Canva

It’s easy to add animated gifs, movies, or slideshows with Canva’s free animation tools. Astonish your pupils with an unforgettable presentation using this software. It’s simple to create an animation with this free program and then scale it to the exact dimensions you desire. You can use Canva’s 14 different animation styles to give your design some life.

  1. Moovly

Moovly is one of the greatest educational animation tools for teachers and students to create videos effortlessly. Use it to produce the most effective animations for educational purposes, such as classroom presentations, school marketing, and video journalism. Even better, users from educational email domains recognized by Moovly receive a free education subscription and up to 1GB of personal library storage.

  1. Blender

Blender is a professional animation software that generates great results easily. With its unique features like rendering and 3D printing, you can produce stunning results in a short amount of time. You can paint and draw in 2D and 3D and change layers, colors, and brushstrokes. Imported footage can be tracked automatically or manually using the VFX feature.

  1. Crello

Crello is a popular and free animation maker tool that users can use to create animated videos. It is especially useful in print, web graphics, and social media. You can modify a photo by erasing the background or adding beautiful graphics using backdrop erasers. To decorate the canvas, cut out stickers in various shapes and scatter them randomly around the board. 

  1.  Biteable 

Biteable is a wonderful alternative for creating bite-sized, animated videos for online education. Share and download animated videos by modifying one of their pre-made templates. Also, you can search through thousands of stock video clips and scenes to create a unique video. The collaboration capabilities of Biteable enable you to share your course with students.

  1. Adobe Animate 

Adobe Animate is an updated and new version of Adobe Flash Professional. Using timeline controls, the software enables the animation of characters, avatars, graphics, and other assets. You can make audio loops and synchronize them with your animations. After completion, it can be exported in Flash, HTML5 Canvas, WebGL, SVG, and other formats.

  1.  Adobe Character Animator

It is a product of Adobe’s suite of animation tools. Character Animator, however, unlike Adobe Animate, allows you to employ motion capture to create live-action animations of your 2D characters. Suppose you want to make a character with Illustrator or Photoshop. In that case, you can import it into a Character Animator, set it up with tags, and then animate it using your webcam’s facial motions.

  1.  Animatron 

Animatron is regarded as the greatest online animation creator for creating explainer clips, HTML5 banners, whiteboard animations, spectacular presentations, and HTM5 animations. The software includes 200 pre-animated sets, 500K of royalty-free audio, films, and images, and a whiteboard animation style. This feature can be used to sell more video demos or catalogs, explain films to educate prospects, attract attention with banner ads, and communicate the company’s story.

  1. Visme

As with other free animation tools, Visme is a solid option for creating a wide range of different animated videos. On their platform, you can see different animated videos, including YouTube intros, outros, and tutorial videos. By studying several types of animated videos, you can better understand the necessary elements for your project. After that, you’ll be able to modify and create animated videos with this tool with a single click.

  1.   Harmony

Users worldwide rely on this program to quickly and easily produce a wide variety of animations. All the tools you need for paperless cut-out and fusion animation creation are available in Harmony. Create artwork with vector tools and combine imported 3D and 2D models for hybrid creations.

  1.  Pencil 2D

Lastly, we have Pencil 2D, a beginner-friendly, cross-platform, open-source animation program. The software provides a modern interface, additional functions, and color options. However, Pencil 2D retains its basic user interface and adaptable design. Once you have mastered the keyboard shortcuts, you can quickly create a 2D animated educational video.


Many students find it boring and hard to understand technical and scientific ideas. However, free animation tools can use cartoon characters and voiceovers to convey complex subjects in a high-quality approach. If you read this post in its entirety, you will have no trouble gaining access to free animation software, among which Doratoon stands out as the most useful since it provides users with free templates, props, and AI functions.

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