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The life of any team consists not only of working, but also festive moments. In order to make them memorable, companies traditionally give corporate gifts and souvenirs to employees. You can enhance the impressions of a corporate gift and souvenir, make them special and memorable with the help of AR technology (augmented reality).

Augmented Reality (AR) is an unusual interactive format for entertainment content. Thanks to augmented reality technology, it is easy to bring a gift or a souvenir to life by pointing the camera of a mobile device at it.

How does augmented reality technology work with corporate gifts and souvenirs?

  1. A gift or souvenir has an image.
  2. The user points the camera of the mobile device at the image.
  3. The camera recognizes the picture, and the software superimposes a virtual object on it.
  4. The virtual object is synchronized with the real object.
  5. An AR image appears on the screen of the mobile device.
  6. The user can see the content in augmented reality!

AR content can be any format from regular video to 3D animation.

Mug with Augmented Reality 

One of the most common souvenirs can be turned into a memorable surprise. With the help of AR technology, a cartoon character appears on the mug with an interesting greeting, entertaining animation, video or even an interactive game. Wonderful events will always be remembered, thanks to the augmented reality placed on the mug.

Calendars and notebooks with Augmented Reality

Calendars and notebooks are also popular corporate gifts. A festive calendar with animated short horoscopes, notebooks with quotes of successful people will decorate the professional everyday life of the team. Employees will certainly want to share their impressions of an unusual souvenir on social networks, which can become a “viral” image advertising for the company.

Clothing with Augmented Reality 

Corporate uniforms, t-shirts, sweatshirts, baseball caps can also be complemented with festive 3D content. An unusual approach to ordinary things will be remembered by employees for a long time and will definitely be posted for friends on the social network.

Postcards with Augmented Reality 

Even an ordinary postcard will become an outstanding gift if you place a fascinating animation on it. Employees of the company can be congratulated on the New Year by a cheerful snowman, good old Santa or an animal symbol of the coming year. Employees will definitely keep such a souvenir for many years as a joyful memory of the holiday. On a corporate postcard, you can place a congratulation of the digital avatar of the head of the company. The appearance on a postcard using augmented reality of a 3D double of a famous actor or athlete will also be an unexpected surprise for employees.

Books with Augmented Reality

Books with augmented reality are interesting for both children and adults. Thanks to AR technology, animated characters and key scenes of the plot will appear on the pages of the publication. Books with augmented reality are a great gift for company anniversaries and professional occasions. In the book, you can place an animation or video about the history of the company, showing the team and the direction of its activities.

Photo albums with augmented reality

Augmented reality allows you to superimpose videos on photos, making them unique and filling them with vivid emotions.

Corporate gifts and souvenirs with augmented reality are a creative solution for any company, relevant for every holiday and events. You can choose to visualize content of different genres, topics and duration, and entertain both employees and partners. Get the augmented reality experience and see the amazing possibilities this technology can open up.

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