How to check Jazz balance and different ways to check (Updated Methods)

How to check Jazz balance and different ways to check (Updated Methods)

Jazz is Pakistan’s first GSM operator in Pakistan. It was launched and started providing services in 1994. now Jazz has become the best and competing cellular service provider in Pakistan. Jazz offers the best and most affordable services due. For this reason, millions of Pakistani use jazz. Jazz offers different calls, SMS, and internet packages at comparatively low prices. Many users don’t know how to check jazz balance? Some don’t see the code to check the remaining jazz balance. In this article, I will share and guide you on how to check the jazz balance.

 Dial *111# to check Jazz balance

  • Open dialer or keypad
  • Dial *111# from your cell phone
  • Your remaining balance will be displayed
  • 0.24pkr charges will be applied
image via android ( Dial *111# to check Jazz balance)


First, go to the keypad and dial *111# from your phone if you are looking to check your jazz balance from your phone. After you have dialed the code, press the call button. After a few seconds, your remaining Jazz balance will appear on your screen. It likes free, but there are very few charges to check it. You have to pay (0.24pkr) every time whenever you will check your jazz balance. So if your screen will show a different balance, don’t be confused if your screen displays a different balance every time. Because each time you will inquire about balance, 0.24pkr will detect from your balance. Suppose you are a prepaid user, this code work for you.

Dial *444*6*2# to for balance inquiry

  • Open your keypad or dialer
  • Type *444*6*2# from the mobile
  • Your available balance will be displayed along with your current package
  • 0.24pkr charges will be applied
image via android (Dial *444*6*2# to for balance inquiry)


First, open the keypad or dialer from your apple/iPhone or android. Now dial *444*6*2# and press the call button. After a few seconds, a message will appear on your mobile screen. This message contains all the details about your balance in your jazz sim. This jazz balance check code will also show the details about your current activated packages and some further information about operations.

This code helps you to get the solution to the question of how to check jazz balance. This code allows you to explore three more operation options.

active packages info: To check the current Jazz package information

Package changes: To change the current Jazz Package.

  Incentive Active offer Offer:

 To check the active offers on the current Jazz SIM.


Charges of this code are also the same 0.24pkr

 Install the Jazz World app 

This is the easiest way how to check jazz balance. You no need to dial any code. It also saves your time and has many other benefits. Now you can check your balance quickly, and also no need to remember lengthy codes.

Step one: go to your Google play store. Search the jazz world app as it appears on the screen. Open it

now. It will show you the option to download. Download the jazz world app. when the download is completed, open in sign up. Sign-up is very easy. Just enter your jazz mobile number and then press login. as you log in, there will be your jazz balance on top of the screen, and there are also many other options for you


The jazz world app is entirely free for you. You can use it free of cost.

image via Jazzworld (  Install the Jazz World app )


If you don’t have the Jazz World app, don’t worry. You can easily download it from the Google play store. This app supports IOS and android mobile phones. So you can download a brilliant and easy answer to the question of how to check jazz balance. You need to sign up or register when you download and install it. Is your login? There will be your current balance on the top of the screen? So through this app, you can quickly check your balance and this method is entirely free of cost. In the face of regular use of the jazz world app, you get free MBS and minutes and contact with your loved ones.

Check Jazz balance by WhatsApp.

WhatsApp allows users to check their balance online at zero cost. Just follow the steps below:

  • Open WhatsApp and save 03003008000 to your contacts
  • Type the message Hi through WhatsApp
  • Then type 4 and send it
  • You will see your balance details
Image via WhatsApp (Check Jazz balance by WhatsApp)


Suppose you are an android or iPhone user and have a jazz sim card. You have the most straightforward way how to check jazz balance. Just save the 03003008000 number on your contact list. This is the official WhatsApp number of Jazz. Now you have to send the message type Hi and press send button. You will get some options on your screen, and now type 4 to send it. You will see different options like balance, MBs, and minutes. This method is simple and also contains no charges.

Final words

At least we have shared the above Check Jazz balance methods. These methods are very simple and used by everyone. Almost methods are free just one or two methods have some charges to check jazz balance. I hope you will get too much knowledge about checking jazz balance for free.


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