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How to go to Samoa from the US

by John Milton
How to go to Samoa from the US

There are many people who have wanted to visit Samoa from the United States for the first time. On the other hand, there are many others who would like to travel there again after having had a great time while they were there. However, the covid-19 pandemic has made travel hard for some and almost impossible for a few others. Many countries have imposed restrictions on travelers from certain regions, and this has not been strange to Samoa.

So before you travel from the US to Samoa, it’s advisable to check the news and contact a credible government agency such as the United States embassy in Apia, Samoa, or other travel agencies to know if there is a travel restriction that is in place. However, you have to be fully vaccinated when traveling from the United States to Samoa.

Air Travel from the USA to Samoa

There are several airlines that offer affordable flights from the United States to Samoa. These are some of the airlines that offer passenger transport services from the United States to Samoa.

1. Air New Zealand 

This airline is not just one of the most regular but also a reputable airline that operates on the Samoa-United States route. It has hubs in San Francisco, California, and Apia, Samoa. The flights are mostly fully booked, and it’s advisable that you reserve your seat at the earliest instance possible.

2. Fiji Airways

Fiji Airways operates between Samoa and the United States of America, and for the past few years, it has become one of the most popular airlines for regular travelers. The low fares that this airline offers and the relatively high quality of its in-flight services are some of the reasons that have made this airline highly popular among travelers who want to travel from the United States of America to Fiji. This airline flies out of its base in Honolulu and flies all the way to Apia in the Samoan Islands. It’s been rated as a highly dependable and affordable airline.

How you can choose the best airline while traveling from the USA to Samoa

The covid 19 pandemic has made international travel harder for most people, and you should put this issue in mind while booking an airline. So the best airline is the one that allows you an easy cancellation, just in case the destination country decides to cancel arrival from your origin. 

For now, the airlines that offer a highly friendly cancellation policy include Virgin Australia which also flies from the United States to Samoa, and Fiji Airways. Also, Air New Zealand is an amazing choice that allows travelers to cancel their trips without lots of restrictions. Early booking is also considered better because it costs less than when you book at the last minute. Reserve your seat weeks in advance and you can save money in the process.

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