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Just Had a Motorcycle Accident? Here’s What to Do

by MarketBillion
Just Had a Motorcycle Accident Here's What to Do


Have you had a motorcycle accident?


Then you must have got some injuries and also your motorcycle got some damage. You might be thinking about getting compensation for that. But in order to get a fair claim, you must ensure some of the mandate things.

In most cases, insurance companies always either try to make you at fault or want to settle the matter as soon as possible with a lower amount than you fairly deserve. At that moment, you either can approach them with the proof or simply get an attorney.

Things To Do After A Motorcycle Accident

It is indeed true that when it is about legal issues or that must happen as per the law, a legal professional is required. In the same way, in order to get your compensation for a motorcycle accident, you might also need to hire an experienced attorney.

The professional will be able to handle all the legal things on your behalf. Still, you have some basic responsibilities to fulfil. Here we will guide you with the things that you must do just after having a motorcycle accident.

#1 Collect Contact Information

After the accident, once you are able to collect yourself, the first thing you need to do is take the vehicle to the side of the road in a safe place. After that, you need to collect the contact information along with the insurance company contact number of the other party.

It is also a great idea to collect the contact details of some of the witnesses. Make a list of the contact information for future references.  

#2 Call The Police

Call 911.

It does not matter whether you are in a rush; you should never leave the spot till the time police arrive. This will always ensure your innocence. Do not make your motorcycle accident case a hit and run case.

Once the police come, provide the information to the police so that they can make a report. Do not forget to take a copy of the report for future assistance.

#3 Make A Note Of The Surroundings

Your motorcycle accident can be the result of a damaged traffic signboard or a bump in the road. Always remember that it can be fixed. So, when you are at the spot, take some pictures of the surroundings, along with the damage to your vehicle along with the other party.

You also can think of recording a video of the surroundings along with the involved vehicles. This will help you to prove the party at fault.

#4 Talk To Witnesses

As we have mentioned above, you should take the contact details of the witnesses as well. Apart from taking the contact details, you can ask them about the accident. When you are driving and suddenly bump into anything, it might be difficult for you to recollect the scenario.

Here, the statement of the witnesses will help you to understand how the accident occurred and may aid you in making a legal claim later. They have seen the accident taking place; they will be able to tell you the whole story.

#5 Don’t Admit Fault Ever

It does not matter whether you have made a small mistake and the major fault is of the other party; never admit your fault. Whatever you say, the police will not sit down and make a resort.

Always remember the insurance company is in the market to do business. So when you admit your fault, the insurance will simply refuse to pay you.

#6 Seek Medical Attention

If you are badly injured, it is obvious that you are going to take medical help. But, although you might be feeling okay after the accident, it is necessary to have a complete checkup by a medical professional.

In case there is any internal damage, you will not be able to identify that, and after a considerable amount of time, you will start to notice it. At that point, you might lose the opportunity of claiming compensation.

Get A Lawyer!

We have already mentioned that insurance companies are a doping business; they will always try to make you at fault and not pay you. So, you have to be well prepared with all the documents, and if needed, you also can file a lawsuit in court.

So, it is best to consult with a motorcycle accident attorney at the beginning. The professional will help you throughout the entire process.

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