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The Benefits of Integrating ADT Doorbell Camera with Your Smart Home

by Dani khan
The Benefits of Integrating ADT Doorbell Camera with Your Smart Home

ADT offers an array of smart home technology to improve your home security. Their security systems are incredibly modular in nature and this allows users to add or remove components at will. Among the different components you have their different sensors, sirens, locks, thermostats, and cameras. In this article, we will delve on the ADT door bell camera – the first line of defense.  

Building A Smart Home Ecosystem

A smart home is a home where there is an array of smart technology being used in different capacities. Common examples of smart home technology include:

·        Smart thermostats

·        Smart locks

·        Smart lights

·        Smart cameras

·        Smart home security systems

This list can well and truly go on but for the purpose of this article, we will only mention those that a smart home security may use. More specifically, the ADT doorbell camera is going to be touched upon as you read on ahead.  

ADT Doorbell Camera Features and Benefits

While the ADT smart camera arsenal comes in different shapes and sizes, the doorbell camera is one of the most important. It is placed at your front door and constantly watches over who comes and goes. Let’s first go over their features and then the benefits of ADT doorbell cameras.

Features of ADT Doorbell Cameras

 The most important features of an ADT doorbell cameras include:

Effortless Integration

Owing to the modularity of smart home technology, an ADT doorbell camera can slot right into your home security system. There are both wired and wireless options to pick from, each of which can easily be added to your system.

Improved Home Security

Any time that someone comes to the door, you immediately get a notification. This lets you know that someone is at the door and whether you want them to get in or not.

Automation and Convenience

Once plugged in and installed, the ADT doorbell camera will be on the lookout for as long as it receives power and bandwidth. Moreover, this is combined with the convenience of how easily it is all integrated into the system.

Benefits of ADT Doorbell Cameras

While there are many benefits of ADT doorbell cameras, here are the most important:

Intrusion Prevention and Detection

A doorbell camera can easily be identified by anyone from a distance. When seen, any possible intruders will realize that there is a camera watching and to avoid being too brave. However, is someone doesn’t acknowledge the doorbell camera and tries to enter, the camera will still record their faces and actions.

Two-Way Communication

All modern doorbell cameras come with two-way communication. When someone comes to the door, you get a notification. You can then speak to the person at the front door and also hear their answers. This is great for people that aren’t at home a lot or for someone with limited mobility. When combined with smart locks, this is convenience personified. 

Smart Home Integration

Thanks to the modularity of smart home security systems, adding an ADT doorbell camera would be a breeze. It can easily be added using the ADT control panel and forgotten about. Afterwards, it performs its many functions autonomously, whenever they’re needed.

ADT Home Security Plans

If you think that an ADT smart home security system is the way to go, there are multiple plans to pick from. Right from the start, these internet plans come loaded with immense value and the higher you go, the better your home security system will be. However, it is worth noting that the prices mentioned here are for the standard equipment that comes with each package. If you want to add more components, this price will rise.

ADT Home Security Plan


Plan Price

Equipment Rental Fee*

One-Time Equipment Fee


·        Intrusion detection

·        Touch screen panel

·        Voice control

·        24/7 monitoring

·        Service and repair warranty


Starts at $9.98/mo

$599 at the start


·        All the features of Secure

·        Smart home automation

·        Remote access


Starts at $15.32/mo

$919 at the start


·        All the features of Smart

·        Live HD video

·        Video clip storage


Starts at $17.82/mo

$1069 at the start

 Final Thoughts

ADT doorbell cameras are small yet powerful tools to protect your home. Having a smart camera at your front door watching over who comes at your front door is an underrated addition. With motion detection, two-way communication, and smart home integration, you’re set across the board.

If you want to learn more or sign up, get in touch with ADT customer service!

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