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Useful Items to Keep in Your Airbnb for Forgetful Guests

by MarketBillion
Useful Items to Keep in Your Airbnb for Forgetful Guests

Ah, that first stroll around an Airbnb. Check for a clean unit. Check for freshly laundered linens. Excellent view: checked. This trip was long overdue. *Buzz* – oh my, there’s just 10% battery left. You’d be wise to plug in your mobile phone. Then it happens. The decisive moment. Your visitor discovered they had forgotten to bring their charger. Perhaps the only thing more vital than the phone itself. It takes a lot for a visitor to have a wonderful vacation, but it just takes a little to have a miserable one. Forgetting to carry a necessary item may quickly transform a vacation from pleasurable to irritating.

Here’s How You Can Assist Your Guests in Packing Some of the Most Frequently Forgotten Items:

Because sometimes people are so enthusiastic about their vacation that they forget to bring the essentials, we’ve developed a checklist of the most often overlooked travel goods that you may give to your visitors. This modest effort will go a long way toward ensuring their contentment, which will manifest itself in 5-star reviews.

1. The Electronics That Run Our Lives

Following that last list, you may believe your bathroom is complete, but no bathroom is complete unless it has a blow dryer. This modest hotel-style touch elevates your rental to new heights.

On the subject of technology, supply a few travel adaptors for international visitors. Additionally, have phone chargers on hand for your guests.

2. Toiletries in general

From toothbrushes to contact solutions, if you can think of anything, your visitor probably has. Assemble a toiletry kit that includes at least some of the following: a toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, deodorant, q-tips, razors, moisturizer, makeup remover, nail clippers, nail paint remover, face wash, a comb, hairspray, hair ties, and contact solution.

Essentially, any item linked to the restroom is appropriate for your welcome toiletries kit. These little touches will have a significant influence on your guest’s stay and may even earn you a nice review.

3. The Travel Bible

It may seem trivial, but your visitors may be so enthused about their vacation that they miss probably the most critical thing — a bag. By putting your brand on a drawstring or tote bag, you may promote your property management firm. Additionally, your visitors may lack water bottles, which would look fantastic with your brand printed on them.

It may be appropriate to give a map to your international visitors. While everyone uses Google Maps on their phone, international tourists may not have a functional SIM card in your area. Do you recall the good old days of map marking? Include a couple of pencils with your rental as well. They’ll be useful.

4. Every Hour Is Happy Hour When You’re On Vacation

A pleasant weekend away is never complete without a glass or two of wine. Your visitors undoubtedly packed that bottle of wine they’ve been saving for a special occasion but didn’t consider bringing a corkscrew. The majority of forgotten travel things are little, which may explain why this one was neglected. Fortunately, you’ll give them one.

5. Seasonal Clothing

Depending on your location, temperature, and season, your visitors may be without the appropriate equipment. If you’re in a wet location, pack some ponchos and a couple of umbrellas in your outerwear.

These are just a few of the items they realize they should have brought on their vacation once it is too late.

Provide flip-flops and, while you’re at it, a bottle of sunscreen if you’re in a warm climate and if your rental has an outdoor pool. And if your visitor forgot to pack their SPF, you can guarantee they also neglected their aftersun cream.

6. Materials for Reading

The seclusion is one of the primary benefits of a vacation rental over a hotel. With no random people to chat within the lobby, this is an ideal time to curl up with a good book. If your rental has bookcases, go ahead and stock them with some top sellers or personal favorites.

However, a book is worthless if it cannot be read. Your visitors may be without their reading glasses. Fortunately for you, this often overlooked travel essential is readily available at the dollar shop.

7. Make Your Laundromat

Your visitor most likely had a full packing list complete with clothing for every occasion, but the list most likely omitted a wash bag. Clothes that were wrinkle-free before the trip become wrinkled after-hours jammed inside a bag. Your visitors would benefit from the use of an iron to smooth out those wrinkles. Create a handy sewing kit that includes a stain removal pen for those just-in-case situations. These are all excellent suggestions, except your visitor neglected to take clothes, in which case there is nothing you can do.

8. Eat. Beach. Sleep.

Nobody is condemned for sleeping until noon while on vacation. If your visitors choose to sleep in, you can prevent them from being woken by the sun. No, you do not need to contact NASA; just set a sleep mask on your nightstand, along with some earplugs. It’s the most reasonable item to forget to take, given your visitors are unlikely to use them at home and, if traveling by aircraft, may have believed the airline would supply one for them to steal.

9. First Aid – More Delicious Than Lemonade

This is one of those items that individuals are unaware they need until it is too late. Your visitors may have a first aid kit at home, but it is most likely hidden away in the kitchen cupboard, and it certainly did not make the packing list. It’s a useful thing, and while you’re at it, include a bottle of aspirin.

It Is Not a Case of Rocket Science

You may have noticed a trend at this point — the most often forgotten items to carry are both helpful and compact. As you can see, it’s not difficult to save your visitors’ vacation. As a property manager, one of your primary objectives is the happiness of your visitors; by including these goods in your rentals, you’ve already met that goal. The next best thing to have to ensure that your visitors are happy is having property management software.  

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