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4 Best WordPress Tips (2022)

by MarketBillion
4 Best WordPress Tips (2022)

About 80% of consumers will leave a brand after three bad experiences. However, only 43% of small businesses invest in web performance. If you’re neglecting your WordPress website, visitors might leave unhappy.

Your brand’s online reputation and ability to generate leads could plummet. Before that happens, apply these four WordPress tips for success in 2022.

Learning how to use WordPress can help set your business up for growth in the new year. Read on to learn more.

1. Avoid Too Many Plugins

As you begin reading this WordPress guide, keep the backend of your website open. First, check the Plugins tab. If you have too many plugins, it can cause your website to lag.

Determine which plugins are a priority, such as Google Analytics and Yoast SEO. Google Analytics can help you learn about the people who visit your website. Yoast SEO can help your web content rank higher on Google search engine result pages (SERPs).

Strong organic rankings on SERPs can help you generate more website traffic and brand awareness.

You might also have plugins that add functionality to your website. For example, perhaps they help with popups, backups, security, or forms. Consider which plugins you need and use.

If you go overboard, the extra code from the unnecessary plugin can cause your site to lag. Slow load times can hurt the user experience (UX), causing visitors to leave.

2. Compress Images

You can also speed up your WordPress website by compressing images. Otherwise, large image files can cause your site to lag, too.

Try to compress your image files using a plugin.

Consider using unique, branded images instead of stock photography this year. Otherwise, stock images can make your brand look ingenuine or cheap.

3. Prioritize UX

A positive UX indicates your website is easy for visitors to navigate and use. A negative UX, on the other hand, can scare visitors away. Your bounce rate will increase, causing your organic SERP rankings to drop.

As you learn more about WordPress, consider learning about UX design trends as well.

First, try to avoid too many pop-ups. Avoid unnecessary intrusions that can impact the user’s experience with your brand.

Simplify your forms and the navigation bar. Make sure your site is fast and mobile-optimized. Otherwise, appeal to Google’s Core Web Vitals to improve the UX.

Improve the security on your WordPress site with an SSL certificate. You should see “HTTPS” in front of your domain name if you already have one.

4. Hire an Agency

If you need help learning how to use WordPress, consider hiring an experienced agency. They can keep up with your site’s maintenance to fix problems as they occur. Working with an agency can keep your site functioning at its best year-round.

You can learn more about WordPress website management here.

Better Websites: Start Using These WordPress Tips for 2022

Don’t neglect your WordPress website this year. Instead, use these four simple WordPress tips to better manage your site. With these tips, you can improve the user experience, which could help you generate more leads.

Need more help with your marketing strategy this year? You’ve come to the right place.

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