Yacht Rental in Barcelona

Yacht Rental in Barcelona

Have you decided to spend your vacation in Barcelona on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea? Well, that’s a great choice! In this city, you can get a full range of emotions and impressions, a charge of energy that will last you for a whole year! In Barcelona, you can stroll along its amazing streets, enjoy the vibrant nightlife, and go on excursions. But the main attraction of this city, of course, is the Mediterranean Sea… But lying on the beach is not enough for you, you want to get as close as possible to the element. Then take advantage of such a common service here as yacht rental in Barcelona https://barcelonaboatrental.com/rent/sailboat-barcelona/!

What is the difference between a sailing yacht and a motor yacht? The fact that you will not be in a hurry anywhere, quietly sailing on the water’s surface. Despite the presence of a sail, a sailing yacht does not depend solely on the wind, as it operates on a diesel engine, which allows maneuvering the boat and moving on the water even in the calmest weather. Motor yachts are very fast but also noisy. And thanks to renting a sailing yacht in Barcelona, ​​you will finally completely abstract yourself from the city noise and bustle, completely forget about routine worries, and boldly go towards adventure.

When renting a yacht in Barcelona, ​​you should determine the exact number of passengers who will be on board. All this is necessary in order to choose a boat with the necessary number of cabins so that your “crew” does not have to squeeze together.

Also, planning your trip, pay attention to the financial side of the issue of renting yachts in Barcelona. In addition to the cost of the booking, you should also take into account the costs of fuel, parking in ports if you plan to sail for several days, food, and your other personal needs. If you rent a vessel for more than a week, then this also includes cleaning the yacht, the cost of which depends directly on the size of the vessel.

And a piece of advice for those who are embarking on a yacht journey for the first time. Start by taking a smaller yacht with a special jib and mainsail furlers that will help you easily handle the boat.

Choosing a Yacht

Don’t know how to choose a yacht? Don’t worry, we’ll give you a few options that will help you make a decision. There are three types of yachts available: motor yachts – for those who are accustomed to luxury and speed on the water, catamarans – which are safe, comfortable, and have two hulls, and sailboat rentals in Barcelona – which are great for those who love spending time with family and for active leisure. So, which one to choose – a motor or a sailboat?

The difference between these types of yachts is their stability and resistance to the elements. Motor yachts resist the force of wind and waves thanks to their powerful engines, while sailboats rely on the wind and have a heavy ballast keel and a low center of gravity, which helps reduce drift. In terms of maneuverability in marinas, sailboats are not as advantageous as motor yachts due to their deep keel, which serves as the center of rotation of the underwater part of the hull. However, sailboats are very maneuverable in ports due to the good ratio of the underwater part of the hull and the above-water line.

Today, vessel capabilities are improving, and manufacturers of these technologies have begun to equip almost all modern boats with steering devices.

Comfort, or rather the level of comfort on board the yacht, is also an advantage of motor boats. They have a beautiful and expensive interior, outdoor equipment for recreation and entertainment, spacious bathrooms, and a large deck. Sailboats do not have as much space in their cabins, the captain’s cabin, or the saloon, unlike motor yachts. However, the interior is of very high quality, and the cabins are spacious and have large bathrooms, while the decks are covered in teak wood. As for the kitchen, they are quite large and spacious compared to sailboats. All these advantages of a motor yacht are not always convenient for passengers, for example, when it comes to the noise of the engine, exhaust gas odor, or wave impacts at high speeds.

A deck yacht is suitable for small parties or gatherings with friends. It is not as large as a motor yacht, but sailboats have toilets, shower cabins, a cozy and comfortable salon, double cabins, a refrigerator, a gas stove, and an oven.


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