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Great Sides for Weight Watchers at Boston Market

by MarketBillion
Great Sides for Weight Watchers at Boston Market

Come to Boston Market, and chances are that you’ll be eating a lot by the end of the meal. That’s usually what happens when the atmosphere is very inviting, the servers are friendly, and the food quality is terrific.

For most people, it’s usually all about picking what kind of rotisserie chicken to get, although some people opt a change by paying almost $20 for Baby Back Ribs every now and then. A lot of focus is really on the main dish.

But what about the side dishes? Very few people actually bother to think about the side dishes, and only factor in the taste for the most part. For those who are watching their weight, however, most of the concern is the calorie intake that comes with the main dishes. The calorie content of the side dish doesn’t seem all that concerning at all.

However, if you’re trying to lose weight, then every dish you eat matters. Every calorie counts. You want to limit that as much as you can while still feeling satisfied. Thus, here’s a quick and easy guide on the best sides you can opt for when you’re at Boston Market.

To make it even easier for you, we arranged the list according to calories contained, with the fewest calories ahead:

Steamed Vegetables

How are you surprised that this comes out first? You’re getting steamed fresh veggies, featuring zucchini, carrots, and broccoli. Then you only have a very moderate amount of salt and pepper along with olive oil so it’s not completely flavorless.

Eat as much of this as you want, since the entire dish only comes with 60 calories. Get another plate of it if you want, as that will help to make you feel full while you’re only taking in a total of 120 calories. This is seriously healthy, and your doctor will approve.

Green Beans

This is a classic healthy order, and you should order this as your side dish at any fast-casual restaurant. They steam the green beans here, so the nutrients you’re looking for are intact, while the green beans remain delightfully crispy.

Meanwhile, it’s also prepared with some light garlic oil for additional flavor. It’s not totally bland at all, especially with your rotisserie chicken. And you’re limiting yourself to just 90 calories.

Rotisserie Potatoes

This is like the healthier version of French fries, so enjoy the taste and the low number of calories. The order only has 120 calories, which seems low when you factor in the yummy taste. They baste the potatoes, with a basic salt and pepper seasoning. But it’s also enhanced by the chicken juices, which aren’t the same as chicken drippings. They’re not adding extra oil, only extra flavor.

Sweet Corn

This is quite a popular option, because it’s unique. The corn is actually reserved mostly for Boston Market, and it’s great whether or not it’s actually corn season.

It’s popular because the seasoning is just perfect. They dress the sweet corn with some light butter garlic sauce, so you get lots of delicious flavor without lots of calories as well. And it’s only an extra 130 calories to your meal.


This is perhaps the most iconic of the side dishes at Boston Market. Most people don’t think about the side dishes because ordering the cornbread seems almost automatic. It’s as if—why else come to Boston Market if you’re not getting the rotisserie chicken and the cornbread?

The cornbread feels so authentic you might swear it’s homemade. They actually make the cornbread fresh each day. It’s very rich, but not too heavy or dense. The golden crust is nice and crisp, while the inside is moist and fluffy. The sweet flavor contrasts nicely with whatever else you’re eating, and it goes nicely with savory items.

This does come with 31g of carbs, but then again, it’s cornbread. And it’s just 160 calories. That’s not too high, but not if you eat a lot of cornbread!

Honey Chipotle Glazed Carrots

With this, you’re getting 170 calories. That’s not too bad, especially if your 2nd side dish gets you the steamed veggies or the green beans. And the flavor here is quite remarkable, with the chipotle spiciness matching up nicely with the honey sweetness.

Creamed Spinach

Now we’re at 210 calories, so you really should stick to just a single order of this. Spinach is actually healthy, but the addition of the cream cheese, butter, and parmesan cheese can be a bit of a problem. But at least you’re also getting an extra 9g of protein.

Plus, it’s also delicious and flavorful. Just don’t overindulge, and you’ll be fine?

Final Word

So, what side dishes should you avoid if you’re watching your calorie intake? Don’t go for the sweet potato casserole. With 450 calories and 85g of carbs, this has double the calories and carbs of many of the other side dishes!

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