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Kidney Function Test (KFT): Processes, Cost, and Risk

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Kidney Function Test (KFT) Processes, Cost, and Risk

The clearance of waste material and the preservation of the body’s water and electrolyte balance are two of the most critical functions that the kidneys are responsible for. The Kidney Function Test, also known as the KFT, involves taking a series of blood tests in order to evaluate the kidneys’ overall level of functionality. In the event that you are experiencing symptoms that may be indicative of a kidney condition, such as swelling all around your eyes, bloody or foam urine, the urge to urinate frequently, etc., it is recommended that you seek medical attention.

In most cases, this examination is included as a standard component of preventative healthcare. It assists in the diagnosis of kidney-related problems and also helps assess the effectiveness of treatment for kidney ailments. Try searching for the KFT test price in Delhi online and get the details.

Here’s everything that you must know about the KFT.

Why is a test of your kidney function going to be prescribed for you?

It is recommended that a screening test be performed in order to examine the renal functioning of a normal individual. To identify any illness influencing the kidneys, supervise the clinical effectiveness of kidney disease, as well as detect people at risk of any kidney impairment, the doctor advises a kidney function test (KFT) as a part of a regular check-up. Conditions that are harmful to the kidneys include diabetes and hypertension. You must enquire about the KFT test price in Delhi online first.

Who ought to have a kidney function test (also known as a KFT)?

When you experience symptoms that could be caused by kidney disease, the most common time that a kidney function test is done as a diagnostic test is when you have those symptoms. The following are some examples of symptoms that may be related to kidney disease or renal impairment:

  • Alterations in your urinary habits can include shifts in the frequency of urination, the quantity of urine produced, or its appearance.
  • Bruising and/or swelling, most noticeably affecting your arms, hands, legs, and/or face.
  • Itching
  • A breaking down of one’s concentration
  • Adaptations of the appetite are made.
  • Having trouble breathing is a common symptom.
  • Feelings of sickness combined with puking or both
  • Fatigue
  • aches and pains in the muscles

When it comes to evaluating renal function, serum creatinine is widely regarded as an important biomarker. If the kidneys are not able to adequately fulfil their duty of filtering, then creatinine cannot be eliminated in the urine, and it will instead build in the blood. Creatinine levels within the blood can become elevated as a consequence of a variety of renal problems, including those that affect filtration and kidney function.


  • You conduct 24-hour urine tests at home. Urine samples will need to be collected in a container for a period of twenty-four hours, which you will get from your healthcare professional. When the day of the exam arrived:
  • After you have fully awakened, you should proceed to urinate as you normally would into the toilet.
  • It is required that you urinate into a container throughout the remaining hours of the day.
  • Urinate into the container first thing in the morning on day two after you have completed day one’s cleansing.
  • Your test will be considered complete once you have delivered your sample to the laboratory or perhaps the office of your healthcare practitioner.

You will need to visit the office of your healthcare practitioner or a laboratory to deliver a blood sample in order to have your kidneys tested. When taking a blood sample, a professional typically employs the use of a thin needle and a test container. If you want to know about the KFT test price in Delhi then visit the websites of different labs.


The results of the tests are consistently interpreted in light of the specific circumstances surrounding their administration. This entails taking into account your past medical history, as well as your present state of health and any symptoms you may be experiencing, in addition to the findings of any previous diagnostic exams you may have undergone.


The abnormal test findings could be an indicator of a health-related problem or even a disease impacting the kidneys. On the other hand, medical professionals seldom base their decisions only on the findings of a single test. Instead, they could check for additional patterns in which measures are aberrant and also how high or low such values are in comparison to the standard limit. There are different labs in Delhi offering the test, so compare the KFT test price in Delhi.


There are no known negative consequences linked with taking this examination. However, in order to properly prepare for the exam, you should refrain from consuming any fluids. Doing so may cause you to feel dehydrated. After the test is finished, you should see your physician about whether or not you can continue to take in fluids. Your body’s moisture levels will return to normal as a result of this. You can also enquire about the cost of the KFT test price in Delhi online.


Examining the kidneys’ functions and capabilities Check to see how well your kidneys are functioning right now. Kidneys that are in good health are essential for the process of eliminating waste from the body. Kidney function could be negatively impacted by health issues such as diabetes and high blood pressure. In addition, a test of your kidney function may be necessary in order to diagnose or exclude the possibility of an infection. Blood and urine samples are typically taken to evaluate kidney function.

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