How to Disable Shorts on YouTube (Five Quick Ways)

How to Disable Shorts on YouTube (Five Quick Ways)

YouTube is one of the most popular videos sharing websites. Its usage is increasing day by day due to the features it is providing. It is one of the biggest sources for people to share their ideas and can be used as a social media platform to stay up-to-date with changing world and can read the minds of people by exploring different thoughts offered by YouTube’s users.

What are YouTube shorts?

YouTube shorts are considered a part of YouTube. YouTube shorts can be admired as “the short forms videos that one can create or watch on YouTube”. It was first introduced in 2020 and developed to set a competition with Instagram Reels and Tiktok. The minimum lengths of YouTube shorts are the 30s and onwards. But it offend people because cause a hurdle to watch their favorite videos. In the respective article, we will provide you with complete guidance to skip all the shorts so, stay with us till the end.

How to disable YouTube shorts?

To overcome this issue we are going to discuss more than one method to avoid short videos on YouTube.

No1: Say “Not interested” to YouTube shorts

This method is very simple to carry and will not take you much time to disable shorts. It is one of the easiest ways which is widely used to disable shorts.

Kindly follow the given steps:

  • During a short video click on the three dots on the top right of the device’s screen
  • The option “Not interested “will appear
  • You will surely click on the option
  • Repeat the above-stated process to remove all the shorts from the home page

Now all the shorts have been disabled from your app.

No2: Access YouTube settings

Another way to avoid YouTube shorts is simply access to the YouTube settings. These settings are more likely to be provided by older YouTube versions but, still, it is working.

To carry on the respective method, follow the given steps;

  • Open” YouTube app” on your device
  • Click on the “profile picture”
  • This clicking will explore the “setting”
  • By taping settings, you will choose the option “General”
  • The general setting will offer more than one option; you will have to select “shorts”
  • Shorts will ultimately allow you to select “Turn off”

You have successfully turned off YouTube shorts .but, as stated above this method is only applicable to older versions of the YouTube app. So, if for some reason you are unable to get this method then let’s move ahead to the next method.

No3: Say “NO” to updates

This method is the next one to disable shorts. As the name indicates to avoid shorts, you will simply turn off all the updates from the YouTube app.

Adopt the following steps to carry on the task of disabling shorts:

  • Allow your fingers to tap “setting “on YouTube
  • Select “manage App”
  • Manage App will offer “three vertical dots”
  • By clicking three vertical dots, you will offer more than one option; the one option is to “uninstall update”
  • You will select “uninstall update” followed by turning off “auto-update”

Now, all the shorts are disabling and will not irritate you more.

No4: Prefer “older version” of the YouTube app

The method is very simple to follow. Since YouTube shorts are recently offered on the YouTube app .so, it means that they are not present on the older version of YouTube. You will simply install an older version to get rid of shorts.

For this purpose, you will download the 14.12.56 (1412563300) version of YouTube from Google and will be far away from YouTube shorts.

No5: Prefer YouTube alternatives: YouTube venced

Some of the apps act as a third party or alternative to different apps. YouTube venced is one of the most popular alternatives of YouTube.It will provide you with all the features of an actual YouTube app and give you an advantage to avoid all the shorts.

It will not offer any shorts or add and, you will freely enjoy the real joy of enjoying interested videos.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are YouTube shorts?

YouTube shorts are short-term videos provided by YouTube’s users they offer a number of funs and can be disabled.

How can “YouTube” be differentiated from “YouTube shorts”?

YouTube provides long videos which you search on the respective device while, YouTube shorts are short clips on YouTube during a video offered by users.

Can YouTube shorts be downloaded?

Yes, you can easily download YouTube shorts by following Some methods.

What is the time period of YouTube shorts?

The time periods of YouTube shorts are different like the 30s, 60s, or even longer.

Why people avoid YouTube shorts?

People avoid YouTube shorts because; they can irritate them during important watching on YouTube.

Winding up

That was all for YouTube shorts. All the methods stated in the respective article are useful to avoid YouTube shorts if you consider them useless. All the methods are easiest to follow and don’t require any technical training to follow. However, if you come across any difficulty then post a comment, we will be glad to guide you.

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