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How to Share Your Live Location on WhatsApp (Quick Method & Features)

by Iram Sarwar
How to Share Your Live Location On WhatsApp (Quick Method & Features)

With the growing popularity of WhatsApp, its usage is also increasing day by day. As a powerful source of connection, it has provided a number of features that are offering people to come close to each other. Through this resource, people can share their ideas, thoughts, and videos and even can get chat face-to-face with the help of video calls.

Besides all these WhatsApp is also at the top in the race for popularity by giving an advantage to share someone’s live location. So, by following the easiest and most efficient way, one can easily get an approach to another. Recently we have also discussed a newly launched voice note option on WhatsApp.

If you are thinking about live location and also how to share it then, don’t worry, we are providing all this for you. You are only asked to stay with us to get all these.

What is WhatsApp‘s live location?   

WhatsApp live location permits you to share the exact locality of your presence with another user on WhatsApp.

You can share it for a particular time and can stop it at any time. It is one of the best ways to stay up to date with your contact and can minimize distance.

Here we are discussing a method, which you can follow to share a location of your presence.

How to share live locations on WhatsApp?

You can share live locations on WhatsApp, without any hurdles by following the given steps.

Step 1: first of all open the respective app on your device

Step 2: click on the contact with which you are sharing the location

Step 3: An option will appear on the screen given as:

An option will appear

Step 4: Click on this option, it will offer you more than one option, containing the location

Click on this option

Step 4: click on the live location option                                  

Step 5: This click will ask for permission to access your device location, you will surely allow this

ask for permission

Step 6: A page like the following will appear, simply click on this

Click on send your current location

Your location has been successfully shared with your contacts.

Note: The process to share a live location on iPhone is the same as that of Android with some exceptions due to the unique design of the iPhone.

Top 8 features behind sharing a live location on WhatsApp

Live location sharing has a number of features, some of which are given in the following:

  • It will allow you to stay in contact with your family & friends and they will continuously be informed of your current location
  • Live location on WhatsApp is end-to-end encrypted, which means to stay that your location is safe and will only be shared with your desired contacts
  • One can easily get your location in spite of this, that your device is on airplane mood
  • Location can be shared with one person  or even with a group
  • Location sharing time is 30s seconds as a minimum and can be extended upto 8 hours
  • WhatsApp will allow your profile photo to be viewed by the person with whom you are sharing your location 
  • It is available both for Android and iPhone as well
  • Users will not be asked to stay online during a sharing of location, WhatsApp will continuously share it as per the time limit you have selected

Frequently Asked Questions

what is sharing a live location on WhatsApp?

Sharing a location means that, a WhatsApp user will allow a contact to be aware of his correct locality.

How long does WhatsApp share a location?

WhatsApp can share a location for up to 8 hours.

Does WhatsApp require an internet connection to carry out sharing locations?

Yes, WhatsApp requires a continuous connection to the internet to share a location.

Why I am unable to share a live location on WhatsApp?

If you cannot share a location then, you must turn on the location option on your device.

Is sharing a live location cost huge battery drainage?

No, it does not cost any remarkable drainage of the battery. you can easily carry on it.

Final Verdict

WhatsApp’s live location-sharing feature has had a powerful influence on its user. One can stay up to date by changing the location of their wanted contact. The method to carry on live location is very simple with a number of advantages and features. We have made a complete introductory note about a respective topic if, you are still facing confusion then let your fingers type a comment. Thank you!

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