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The most effective ways to use communication apps for business 

by MarketBillion
The most effective ways to use communication apps for business 

Collaboration and communication are essential for creating a successful work environment and culture.  Internal communications apps can make or break a team in our modern era of 24/7 connectivity, especially as more companies embrace remote work plans and distributed workforces. Coworkers no longer simply walk down the hall to talk to one another. Fortunately, the right internal communication apps can improve employee efficiency and productivity – as well as communication skills – regardless of where they work.  

Team members can communicate in a variety of ways, and today’s modern professional does not want to be inundated with emails. Emails necessitate a subject and lengthy paragraph, making them unsuitable for quick back-and-forth conversations. Team communication apps make it easier to communicate in the workplace.  

What are internal communication apps 

Employees can communicate with one another using internal communication tools, which are typically in the form of software or mobile apps. Instead of relying on in-person and face-to-face conversations, these tools enable teams to collaborate, brainstorm, and exchange feedback online. Whether you oversee a remote or hybrid team, business owners should develop a preferred method of communication with their employees.  

After all, internal communication tools are only useful if your employees use them. However, employers should be mindful of the communication devices that their employees use. When asking employees to communicate about work on their personal laptops or smartphones, organizations must keep in mind that the IT department cannot protect data that is not on the company’s network. 

Continue reading to discover the advantages of implementing a business communication app. 

1. Real-Time Communication 

People do not always check their email on a regular basis. An email chain can become lengthy and difficult to follow. Communication apps are a great way to share information via instant messages and group chats. Team members can exchange short snippets of information without clogging their inboxes. 

Many organizations use video conferencing to connect remote teams, but video calls can be just as time-consuming as phone conferences.  Internal messaging apps make things easier by allowing for instant, bite-sized communication. 

2. Task Management Features 

A communication app should offer more than just text messaging. They can track progress on one-time tasks, create a recurring to-do list, and track progress on long-term goals. Team members can create task lists, assign action items to coworkers, and tag them for immediate notification, making it simple to track the overall progress of any project. 

Many business apps include email integration, allowing team leaders to receive automatic notifications about project progress at predefined intervals. 

3. Eliminate Unproductive Meeting Time 

Communication apps with real-time communication features allow coworkers to stay on track without having to schedule pointless meetings that waste productive time. Rather than calling a team meeting to address a question or issue, team leaders can simply ask questions in team chat streams and get the answers they need without taking up an hour or more of everyone’s time. 

Every year, the popularity of a remote workforce grows, and smart business professionals use collaboration tools to stay connected and save time no matter where they are.   

4. Increased Productivity 

Communication apps for businesses are commonplace in today’s digital world. Everyone has a variety of apps, and each notification can be another thing to deal with. 

Many social apps, for example, are distracting and impair work productivity. Streamlining project processes and communication in a team messaging app, on the other hand, can boost productivity and time management. 

5. File Storage and Sharing 

The best internal communication apps allow you to share project-related files, store them in the cloud, and search for them within the app. Do not be concerned about whether the right person has access to a file they require. They can look for it in any chat stream to which they have access. 

6. Automatic Reporting Features 

Companies that are fully aware of their history and performance in relation to organizational goals have the correct perceptions and insights into how to achieve those goals. The best communication apps can automatically track individual and team performance and generate the necessary numbers and reports, allowing leaders to make sound business decisions at any time and from any location. 

Intuitive business applications allow team members to customize the types of reports they receive and the frequency with which they receive them. Leaders can receive emails that outline progress towards individual team members’ tasks and departmental targets, increasing employee engagement by providing transparent access to progress. 

Who wants to sift through piles of disorganized data to find the reports they require? Whether you are reporting to C-suite executives or board members, the best business software gives you instant, clear, visual reports on your most important goals that anyone can understand. 

7. Easier Project Management 

Quality collaboration apps have the best features that simplify project management. Team members can create to-do lists and communicate with coworkers about project status and requirements. 

With the help of a good team messaging app, your teams can streamline business processes and improve collaboration. There’s no need for constant meetings when you can ask questions and access the right information with a few clicks. 

8. Employee Engagement 

Internal communication apps are not as boring as email communications. Work streams do not have to be strictly business-related. Create a chat stream where coworkers can share personal information or exciting family news. 

Have you ever been irritated by an email thread about a coworker’s new baby or marriage? Create a chat stream in your instant messaging app for the sole purpose of sharing personal news that team members can access whenever they want. 

9. Performance Tracking 

A good communication app does more than just provide business chat by integrating a layer of performance management tracking in one place. Clariti is a team collaboration software that elevates business chat apps. This free app allows team members to create tasks and goals, send and receive emails, communicate and collaborate, and track progress towards goals in a single transparent setting, increasing accountability with broad participation. 

How to choose the best internal communication tool for your business 

While all internal communication tools, by definition, promote communication within a company, many of the best apps also facilitate collaboration. Aside from simply encouraging communication, the type of communications software that is best for your business will depend on your goals. 

The best communication app includes the following features: 

  • Instant messaging feature that teams can use to efficiently communicate with one another.  \
  • Easy to use and has a simple interface.  
  • Instantly connect with conference call features. 
  • File sharing and storage features. Feature to create to-dos and calendars. 
  • Feature to save files and documents on the cloud. 


While email is still used in the workplace, messaging apps allow for better communication among team members. By keeping your team focused on a common goal, the right app can boost your company’s productivity to new heights. 

Try Clariti for better business communication. It provides instant messaging features, as well as file sharing and storage, so you can access the most important company information from the tool, at any time. 

Best of all, Clariti is a free app that you can use right away to boost productivity and collaboration. It also has a content-rich subject chat feature that makes your conversation easy. Sign up now to reap the benefits of Clariti app for your entire organization. 

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