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Joinpd: Peardeck Login Process in 2023 (Updated Method)

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JoinPD How to Login JoinPd in 2022 (Updated Method)

As technology brought many changes to human life. It also brought easiness to their lives also. One of the major revolutions of technology is in the education field. During the covid, this revolution plays a vital role in education and many other fields as well. There are many applications available on the internet for online learning one of them we discuss today is “pear deck”. it is developed in 2014 for education.

What is pear deck?

pear deck is an education platform developed by pear deck educational technology company for schools and its faculty members from class k-12. It was developed in 2014 in the united states. It is actually a presentation tool that is used for learning. From this tool, teachers can make live presentations and add video, gifs, and audio to the presentation. It engages students in learning. With Google or Microsoft office 365 accounts you can enjoy great learning with your instructor. This web-based application fulfills all the gaps between individual and social learning. The research proves that students can learn more effectively and their interest level is high when their study is based on visuals. Teachers can add gifs, videos, audio, and many more to the presentation to enhance their student’s knowledge.  

What is pear deck
What is pear deck?

How pear deck makes teaching effective:

If you are teaching in a classroom with one book and no internet availability then your knowledge skills will be bound in some way because you will not be able to explore new things. With the pear deck, teachers are able to explore new resources of knowledge for the students. They can add videos, photos, and articles instantly while delivering a lecture. This website provides numerous resources for teachers to the betterment of their teaching skills.

Features of Pear deck

As an education platform, all of us know this has many features and benefits. Because which platform provides online services to people must-have features. The online service is best facility from others else. So without wasting more time let’s take a look at pear deck features.

Let’s review the Features of the joinpd.

  • The first question you might be thinking about is whether it is free of cost. Some feature of the pear deck is free. You can also subscribe to the premium membership account. It is a free service for students and teachers to join the live presentation.
  • The teacher prepares the presentations and then shares the links with the students of their related class through email.
  • It also develops a positive attitude in students towards learning. It also develops social norms in the students.
  • The students who take great interest in this application may achieve their goals effectively.
  • The students are able to submit their answers related to the presentation. One of the best benefits of the joinpd is that the teacher can block the students to alter the answers that they have submitted from this feature the teacher is able to evaluate the level of understanding of the students.

How to create a Teacher login account on pear deck?

Before joining this marvelous platform, you must have a Google or Microsoft office 365 account. Here we discuss how we can create a new pear deck account.

  1. Go to the official page of pear deck website, google, slides, or PowerPoint online and sign in using your Google or Microsoft account (if you do not have an account firstly make this account)
  2. Choose the teacher login option over there and choose the type of account you want to access from the menu.
  3. Now pear deck will seek access to your google drive, you will provide the permission it is necessary. After that, you need to answer some questions.
  4. In the next step, you need to enter the postal code of your area and the school’s name. if the name or code is not mentioned in the list then simply enter the five-digit number for your school’s name or postal code.
  5. Now install the join pd.

How to create a Teacher login account on pear deck
How to create a Teacher login account on pear deck?

How to students joinpd:

 You will need no account creation process if you are a student and want to join the pear deck. You just need the Microsoft 365 account to join the session. The process of joinpd is

  1. The teacher starts the session and shares the links with their group of students.
  2. The students can easily join the link by clicking the email containing a link.
  3. They can also join the session through joinpd.com and type there the code in join code.
  4. A teacher can also restrict the student from email to joinpd in that case the students firstly provide their email for joining the session.


At least we discover pear deck is the most famous online education platform in the united states. Students attend online classes/lectures and audio/video presentations on this platform. The pear deck is very easy for both teachers and students. Because due to covid student didn’t attend their classes So they use pear deck as online classes and save their time and study. I hope this article is very helpful for you and also for your friends. If you have more questions about pear feel free and let me know in the comment.

FAQs about Joinpd

Q1. What are the free services that pear deck offers?

The free account you can post questions.  You can post five presentations with a maximum of 30 session participants.

Q2. For how many days pear deck is free?

The pear deck premium is free for the first 60 days.

Q3. What is the feature of premium membership of the pear deck?

From premium membership, teachers are able to view the dashboard and can review the previous students’ performance and sessions also.

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