The Best PC and Mobile NFT Games In 2023

The Best PC and Mobile NFT Games In 2023

Blockchain and NFT games have come a long way. From the first basic games that were developed, a lot of resources and effort have been invested into these games and they have now become among the best games that anyone can find online. Over time, NFT games have become highly desirable because they offer an earning potential while still offering the fun that is associated with online gaming. While battling with other players, you can get the chance to explore what the virtual worlds offer while earning NFT rewards which you can sell for crypto.

Below are some of the best PC as well as mobile NFT games that you can play in 2023.

1. Metarun

Metarun is unlike anything seen before and it is one of the very few P2E and P2W blockchain games which are capable of providing NFT assets. A player enjoys the hilarious and endless fun that is associated with online gaming while earning NFT assets that can be exchanged for crypto.

2. Axie Infinity

This is the best NFT game for mobile and it’s indeed one of the most popular around. This game has an in-game economy that is capable of handling $1 billion in transactional volumes and this is just a clear sign of its popularity and the number of people who take part in this amazing game.

3. Lucky Block 

This game is considered to be the best overall NFT in 2022. It has got a highly unique use case and a solid roadmap. Lucky Block is hosted in the Binance Smart Chain and the players can actually participate in daily prizes and also buy tickets. The best thing about the prize draws is that they are highly decentralized and this ensures that they are also transparent. This game is a top option for legacy systems which allows for the entry of anyone to an ever-increasing prize pool.

4. Silks

This is one of the highly interesting NFT mobile games that are developed around the horse racing theme. In this NFT game players buy a racehorse that is highly similar to the racehorse that exists in real life. It’s got the same sprinting ability, physical looks, and more. The in-game currency is the $TT and you get rewarded with this amazing currency. There are lots of in-game economies that include land, stables, and several other horses. Each of these assets can be fractionalized, therefore allowing the community to own valuable assets such as high-performing horses. Silks also avail rewards for verifying transactions in-game and you can earn this reward by simply staking your horse to a certain farm.

5. Battle of Guardians 

This is an interesting fighting game where players collect characters and customize them. Those collectibles are known as guardians. This game is built on Solana and there are thousands of guardians that you can play in unending combat. Those who win in combat get rewarded in $BGS, which is the customizable in-game currency that players can use to power up their guardians.

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