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Typhon: The Brand New COD MWii Gaming Chair From Eureka Ergonomic 

by John Milton
Typhon The Brand New COD MWii Gaming Chair From Eureka Ergonomic 

Gaming chairs designed explicitly for gaming have been around for some time. The latest in the line of great gaming chairs is the Typhon COD MWII. Gaming chairs serve a simple, yet crucial purpose to the gamer, to promote good posture so you can sit correctly in front of your screen and not experience any problems with your spine, neck, or suffer from “gamer’s hands.”  

The COD MWii Gaming Chair from Eureka Ergonomics is an officially licensed Call of Duty® gaming chair. While there are a variety of flexible gaming chairs, this officially licensed Call of Duty® gaming chair offers the next generation of comfort and support for gamers old and new. Why is this?  

Extreme Levels of Comfort for Captain Price 

The chair offers flexible self-adaptive backrests, providing full support to the neck, back, and lumbar spine. We all know how addictive Call of Duty® is, and gaming chairs have just had an upgrade. With 4D adjustable armrests providing flexibility and its responsive design to body weight and curves ensure maximum comfort when you are navigating the mobile ranks. 

No Stress When You Are Feeling Stressed 

In the throes of battle, it’s important to make sure that you are comfortable. The highly elastic and durable breathable mesh ensures you are supported and never heat up in the heat of battle. This breathable mesh and ergonomic area cushion provide that extra level of support.

The Adjustable Backrest To Help You Rest 

In addition to adjusting the heights, there are four adjustable backrest positions, and the ability to adjust the seat height and depth. The 2D rotating adjustable headrest provides an extra layer of support, guaranteeing your neck is supported. 

An Officially Licensed Call of Duty® Armchair 

Gaming chairs need to serve a higher purpose. The upcoming release of Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare II on October 28th is going to be a seismic event, ensuring that millions of gamers across the world are strapped to their seats for the foreseeable future. With anticipation for Modern Warfare II heating up, now is the perfect time to get yourself into gaming mode.  

This officially licensed Call of Duty® Modern Warfare chair is designed with this event in mind. Typhon has upped the ante with the latest armchair. As anticipation for Modern Warfare II starts to increase, gamers need to make sure their set-up is as comfortable as possible not just for COD, but for any game! With long days and nights ahead of them, a great gaming chair that provides ergonomic support is invaluable. 

A Dynamic Game Demands a Dynamic Gaming Chair 

The brand new COD MWii gaming chair from Eureka Ergonomic is going to provide the next-level experience for gamers, especially those who are looking to get stuck into Modern Warfare II. Modern Warfare II is expected to be the latest and greatest of the Call of Duty® series. For any gamer that’s looking to experience COD in the best and most supportive way, this brand new gaming chair is going to make a massive difference. 

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