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Types of Headaches and Their Causes – How Your Neurologist Will Diagnose Them?

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Types of Headaches and Their Causes – How Your Neurologist Will Diagnose Them

Headaches can be of many causes. It can be because of stress, exposure to cold conditions when you are not used to it, and so on. Some headache types will be accompanied by dizziness, nausea, and some headaches might stay longer even after you have taken the medications. If you feel such headaches, then it is time to make an appointment with a neurologist in Morgan Hill, CA. 

South Valley Neurology is a multispecialty neurology practice in Morgan Hill, CA. The experts here work with the aim of providing compassionate, comprehensive, and competent care to all their customers. They will always conclude the issue of neurological disorder based on the diagnosis, evaluations, and tests that they conduct to be conclusive on their diagnosis of the headache issue. You can check their webpage for more information. 

Diagnosing a Headache 

Neurologists are the best solution for getting treated for the headache that you are suffering from constantly. They diagnose the cause of the issue with the help of your medical history and also your history of neurological disorders. 

Headaches are of two kinds. They are, 

  1. Acute 

Acute onset headaches are also known by the name thunderclap headaches. They appear suddenly and will be severe. Whenever you feel an acute headache, it is time to get an appointment with a neurologist because it can be because of the underlying subarachnoid hemorrhage. 

Acute headaches are caused because of other reasons including spinal fluid leakage. This condition is known as intracranial hypotension. This issue can be diagnosed only with a CT scan. The experts will even conduct another diagnosis known as lumbar puncture examination where a needle will be sent inside the two lumbar bones in the spinal cord. A sample of the fluid is removed to examine whether there is bleeding or not. 

  • Chronic 

Chronic headaches of recurrent headaches are known as migraines and are caused because of overdosing on painkillers. It can also be caused because of muscle tension. If you are a person more than 55 years, then you are suggested to get tested for the condition of temporal arteritis. Prolonged illness can lead to blindness. Hence, it is suggested to get treated as early as possible.

Time to Book an Appointment 

The right time to book an appointment with a neurologist is when you have already been diagnosed with migraine before and are experiencing headaches again. Here are some other signs that indicate that it is time to book an appointment with a neurologist. 

  • You have experienced seizures with headaches 
  • Your headaches are hindering your daily activities and your time with the family
  • You’re experiencing some changes in your line of sight 
  • You suffer from headaches for more than 15 times a month
  • You require over-the-counter medications for suppressing your headache and you cannot do without them 

When you book an appointment with a neurologist, they will diagnose the issue with all possible tests to make sure that they come up with a conclusive result. The tests that they suggest you will be, 

  • Electroencephalogram (EEG) 
  • Lab tests 
  • MRI scans 
  • CT scans, if required 

Once they have the conclusive results, they will then approach you with the best solution for the issue. Hence, it is strongly suggested to visit a neuro-specialist when you experience any of the above-mentioned symptoms. 

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